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Re: How to contribute

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 07:14:04PM +0100, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> On 13-02-2006 15:38:16, Kevin Mark wrote:
> >there is documentation on the debian.org website for developers under
> >the developers sections. The basic thing is to read about the 'ITP'
> >(intent to package) ,'RFS' request for sponsorship, and possibly the
> >'NM'(new maintainers) process. To get software included in Debian,
> >you
> >can be a developer or you can get a developer to sponsor software.
> >This
> >means that he/she will inspect your software and if its found to be
> >free
> >of reasonably bad things (trojans, major bugs, licensing, etc.) it
> >will
> >be uploaded by him/her. This is because if you are not a member of
> >Debian, you are not 'trusted' yet to upload to our secure
> I have been reading it for the last 1 or 2 hours. From what I  
> understand one should use wnpp to file an RFA and ITP request and in  
> that request give a short and a long description of the application. If  
> one is able it is also prefered to include a URL to *.orig.tar.gz,  
> *.diff, *.dsc and *.deb. Also it is recommended that one should  
> register on http://sponsors.debian.net
> >infrastructure. If you become a Developer, then you are given the
> >permission and you can upload your stuff.  Also, to get help on
> >packageing (eg. making a .deb archive) there is the debian-mentors
> >sub-site on the debian.org site and an accompaning mail list.
> This is not a problem since I have package several source.tar.gz or  
> ported *BSD, Redhat and Slackware before for my own purposes:-)
> >PS. releasing under the GPL is a good first step because licensing is
> >very important to Debian and the GPL is one of its most used license.
> Check. There can be only one license:-)
> -- 
> Hilsen/Regards
> Michael Rasmussen
Hi Michael,
you seem to forging ahead! check out my diagram at
http://debian.home.pipeline.com for a BIG overview of Debian.
Hope to 'apt-get install' your application soon!
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