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Re: How to contribute

Hi Kevin,

On 13-02-2006 15:38:16, Kevin Mark wrote:
there is documentation on the debian.org website for developers under
the developers sections. The basic thing is to read about the 'ITP'
(intent to package) ,'RFS' request for sponsorship, and possibly the
'NM'(new maintainers) process. To get software included in Debian,
can be a developer or you can get a developer to sponsor software.
means that he/she will inspect your software and if its found to be
of reasonably bad things (trojans, major bugs, licensing, etc.) it
be uploaded by him/her. This is because if you are not a member of
Debian, you are not 'trusted' yet to upload to our secure
I have been reading it for the last 1 or 2 hours. From what I understand one should use wnpp to file an RFA and ITP request and in that request give a short and a long description of the application. If one is able it is also prefered to include a URL to *.orig.tar.gz, *.diff, *.dsc and *.deb. Also it is recommended that one should register on http://sponsors.debian.net

infrastructure. If you become a Developer, then you are given the
permission and you can upload your stuff.  Also, to get help on
packageing (eg. making a .deb archive) there is the debian-mentors
sub-site on the debian.org site and an accompaning mail list.
This is not a problem since I have package several source.tar.gz or ported *BSD, Redhat and Slackware before for my own purposes:-)

PS. releasing under the GPL is a good first step because licensing is
very important to Debian and the GPL is one of its most used license.

Check. There can be only one license:-)

Michael Rasmussen

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