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Re: Automatic testing of .deb's

Scripsit Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch>

> Ian: I add my voice to what you already perceive: these tests would be 
> welcome, and I'd probably accept them to my few packages.  A very short 
> (one screenfull or so) HOWTO/README about how the whole system works linked 
> from the bug would be helpful, because I don't have the time to read up on 
> it now, but will want to when you file the first bug on my pkgs,

FWIW, I agree with both of these points.

Henning Makholm                         "This imposes the restriction on any
                                  procedure statement that the kind and type
                             of each actual parameter be compatible with the
                       kind and type of the corresponding formal parameter."

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