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Re: Automatic testing of .deb's

Gustavo Franco writes ("Re: Automatic testing of .deb's"):
> On 2/2/06, Ian Jackson <iwj@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> > I would like to have some idea what people think I should do with the
> > tests that we're hopefully going to have, eventually for lots of
> > packages.  Would Debian like those tests as patches in wishlist bug
> > reports, in general ?  That would seem to be best to me but before I
> > go down this route I'd like to be clear that that's what Debian
> > developers want.
> I think you should put out a summary of how many and what packages will
> be changed in Ubuntu. After that we can agree or not with automatic filling
> whislist bugs (containing the patches) against Debian packages.

I think you've misunderstood the situation and what we (Ubuntu) are
going to do.  There's no question of automatic bug filing, here.

At the moment there are no patches and so there is no list of
packages.  As time goes on, Ubuntu will have more and more tests and
each time an Ubuntu maintainer writes a test that will be an
additional diff between Ubuntu and Debian; the question then is
whether in general these tests are considered valueable by Debian.  If
they are then every time Ubuntu acquires or improves a test the diff
should be filed in the Debian BTS in the normal way (just as Ubuntu
maintainers should, IMO, for any package).

On the other hand, if the tests are not seen as valuable by Debian
then Ubuntu should not bother the Debian maintainers with them.  But I
think the responses so far show that Debian probably do value the
tests[1].  That's good - as a Debian maintainer I think this automatic
testing will be valuable for Debian too, despite any differences
between exactly how Debian and Ubuntu will use the tests.

So I will file the first bug of this kind (with my mawk patch) as soon
as I get around to it.

[1] Insofar as a few postings to debian-devel and no contradictions
within a few days can show anything at all about Debian's opinion,
even supposing that Debian as a whole could be said to have an on

> Since Ubuntu Dapper is actually on freeze, what's your timeline to these
> patches? Will you include this stuff just on Dapper+1, in the end of
> the year?

This particular change to mawk will make it into Dapper.  I'm not sure
how much effort we'll have at this stage to add tests, but since
adding tests doesn't break anything (at least until anyone starts
running the tests) I expect test changes to be accepted quite late.
But this is really the kind of question for ubuntu-devel, not


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