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Re: Linux and memory leak

On 2/3/06, gustavo halperin <ggh.develop@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello
> I have memory leak in my system, I'm currently using:
>             Debian Sarge, Kernel 2.6.10 and Enlightenment
>  My problem is that the memory (ram and swap) is always grow, my ram is
> 775MB and the swap is 1.5GB. After
> approximate 20 days the situation of the memory is that all the ram is
> in use and approximate half of the swap is also
> in use. In this situation all is work veeeeeryyyyyyyyy sloooooowlyyyyyyy.
>  I'm using the next applications: Mozilla, Acroread, xpdf, gv,
> gnu-emacs, xfig mplayer and some epplets of
> Enlightenment and nothing more.

How much memory is each of these applications using? Use 'top' to find
out (sort by memory usage). Don't look only at the applications
listed, there might be another one eating up the memory. Also you
should have most of your memory used as cache, if not there is a very
memory demaning application you have running there.

>  How I can find the problem, please don't tell me reboot the system, I
> mean this is not Windows.

You shouldn't have to reboot your system, that is not a solution. Try
to find out which app is responsible for most of this memory usage,
and try restarting that application only, and see if the performance
Once you pinpointed the leaking application, try to reproduce the
memory leaks, and note down the steps, if successfull, file a

> Second, please
> also don't tell me that Linux work in this way,  I mean after
> approximate 20 days I can't used nothing.

I'm sure it is possible to get an uptime of more than 20 days, and
have everything running as supposed to.

>   Thank you very much, and please help me.
>          Gustavo Halperin
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