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Re: Linux and memory leak

gustavo halperin <ggh.develop@gmail.com> writes:

> My problem is that the memory (ram and swap) is always grow, my ram is
> 775MB and the swap is 1.5GB. After
> approximate 20 days the situation of the memory is that all the ram is
> in use and approximate half of the swap is also
> in use. In this situation all is work veeeeeryyyyyyyyy sloooooowlyyyyyyy.
> I'm using the next applications: Mozilla, Acroread, xpdf, gv,
> gnu-emacs, xfig mplayer and some epplets of Enlightenment and nothing
> more.

This question is more appropriate on debian-user.  Please post any
followups there.

Check with top and ps to see memory usage; this should show any memory
hogs.  (Acroread is a likely candidate.)


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