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Re: Linux and memory leak


On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 20:27 +0200, gustavo halperin wrote:
> In this situation all is work veeeeeryyyyyyyyy sloooooowlyyyyyyy.
 Open a terminal, type 'top'. Check that all three numbers after
'load average:' are under one.
You will see a list of applications running, and memory usage in %.
Check which one is big.

>  I'm using the next applications: Mozilla, Acroread, xpdf, gv, 
> gnu-emacs, xfig mplayer and some epplets of 
 I heard that Mozilla needs to be closed after much use, try it.

> Enlightenment and nothing more.
 I think if you use E17, then it may be a problem, because that is
experimental ATM.

>  How I can find the problem, please don't tell me reboot the system, I 
> mean this is not Windows.
 Don't reboot.

>  Second, please
> also don't tell me that Linux work in this way,
 No, it doesn't work this way.
Hope you will figure it out soon. Please report back.


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