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Re: Orphaning: opendchub, pimppa, rccp, xnc, xshisen

Hi Gregory! :-)

On 2/2/06, Gregory B. Prokopsky <gadek@debian.org> wrote:

I've not have had time lately to maintain these packages properly and it'll
be best for everyone to have them officialy orphaned.

First come - first serve.  Please Cc: me, I am not on debian-devel.  For the
packages not picked up by anyone within next days I'll fill WNPP bugs and
upload with the QA as the maintainer.
I'm interested in adopting opendchub, rccp, and xshisen.  Please expect updated packages to be RFS'ed in debian-mentors (I hope to do this on Saturday PHT).  I would like, however, to have the proper wnpp bugs filed so that the change in maintainer is documented and legal (I don't want to be the example of a package hijacker ;)

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