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Re: Orphaning: opendchub, pimppa, rccp, xnc, xshisen

+++ Zak B. Elep [02/02/06 19:22 +0800]:
>    Hi Gregory! :-)
>    I'm interested in adopting opendchub, rccp, and xshisen.  Please expect
>    updated packages to be RFS'ed in debian-mentors (I hope to do this on
>    Saturday PHT).  I would like, however, to have the proper wnpp bugs filed
>    so that the change in maintainer is documented and legal (I don't want to
>    be the example of a package hijacker ;)

Hi Zak,

no point being overly defensive here.  I am glad you want the packages so
just take them.  No point cluttering WNPP, really.  My original mail (and
this one too) was GPG-signed.  And anyway, the only person that could get
angry because of you hijacking the packages would be... me.  Heh.

In other words opendchub, rccp, and xshisen are yours now.

Good luck!


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