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Re: returning emeritus developer, no response from da-manager@debian.org

> > so far not even a response telling me I'm in a queue.
> > Is the procedure described above still the right one?
> DAM is very slow-moving these days.  Probably they haven't looked at your 
> yet.

Um, just in case anyone was wondering, that wasn't intended as a criticism of 
DAM -- I think it's slowmoving mostly due to having a heavy workload on two 
people who already do a lot of other work -- but I just realized that it 
might have come off as a criticism.  I was just trying to inform the emeritus 
developer that DAM was probably a lot slower now than it was back when he (or 
she) was an active developer, when DAM probably had a lighter workload.

And I liked the clarivoyant joke, but as far as I can tell, I'm not, so no 
need to fast-track me on that account. :-)

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