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How to purge linux-image-2.6.14

Hi all.
I would ask a question i've already posted in the #344767 bug report.

Recently i've talked with someone else that cannot purge the 2.6.14 kernel, due to bug #344767. It's a known problem, already solved for 2.6.15, but for people that still use 2.6.14 or have used it, the problem of purging it completely still exist. For example on my machine, the various kernel images i've installed in the past, are now uninstalled but marked as "c" and if i try to purge them, the lock described in the bug report arise. Then i have to press CTRL+C to exit.
After upgrading to 2.6.15 and have seen that the bug was corrected,
i've forgotten about this and the not clean (but innocuous) situation left by the 2.6.14 uninstall procedure. And so now i am curious to know it there is an hack to circumvent the bug and completely purge the linux-image-2.6.14 packages. It's my intention to put one or more responses into the bug report, to help the others that will fall in this bug.

As suggested in the bug report, i've tryed to look at the postrm scripts in "/var/lib/dpkg/info/" but i cannot understand them adequately (i don't know perl).



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