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Re: when and why did python(-minimal) become essential?

This one time, at band camp, Josselin Mouette said:
> Oh, great. Preventing evolutions from happening, just because some
> people judge their language to be able to replace anything another
> language can do, this must be a good thing. We'd better let those
> skilled people make all evolutions happen, of course they have all the
> time to rewrite all contributions in their TRUE and ONLY language.

It seems to me you're entirely missing the point and being needlessly
argumentative.  Essential needs to be kept small, so we want to minimize
the number of things in it.  There is already a status quo - we have
perl, and several scripts written in perl that are fairly important.  

If you want python added, you'll need to come up with a fairly
convincing argument for why Essential should get bigger.  If you want to
replace perl, you'll need to come up with a fairly convincing argument
for why people should do all the work of rewriting the existing code.

I've got nothing against python (except the usual revulsion for a
language where whitespace is significant), but you're really going to
need to do better than whining about being oppressed to get python into

Now, do you actually have arguments for why Essential should get bigger
except that you don't happen to like perl?
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