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Re: when and why did python(-minimal) become essential?

Le samedi 28 janvier 2006 à 20:42 -0800, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> Which scripts written in Python do you feel should be included in the base
> system and cannot be currently because Python isn't included?  Be
> specific.
> A killer application that everyone wants to have in base will be the way
> that Python would enter base; without that, I think this discussion is
> largely a waste of time and an invitation to back into argumentative
> corners that can only result in hurt feelings.

There have already been - admittedly sporadic - proposals to rewrite
some key parts of the system, like the init scripts or adduser, in
python. However, if the proponent knows from the beginning the
implementation wouldn't be accepted because of the language it is
written in, you can't expect him to start working on it.

Putting python in the set of required packages today would simply be a
waste of resources. But accepting the idea of putting it in *if* a good
enough application shows up is the necessary step to have the
applications show up. Some people here are refusing it by principle.
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