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Bug#348775: general: terminal emulators' alternatives settings' priorities annoy users


On Fri, Jan 20, 2006, Simon Richter wrote:
> And GNOME would by default be configured to launch gnome-www-browser,
> thus solving the problem for GNOME users who do not set any other
> browser in gnomecc. The question for me would be whether this affects 
> people who use neither GNOME nor KDE (the browsers optimized for a 
> specific environment could then be demoted to some lower priority than 
> the non-specific ones, perhaps?)

 GNOME could then be configured to launch either sensible-browser or
 gnome-www-browser (my preference would go to sensible-browser because
 it makes sense system-wide, not only under GNOME).

 I'm not sure about demoting the priorities.  I think priorities should
 decrease with the number of users because the more specific a package
 is (in terms of number of users) the more likely you want it to be the
 default, but I suppose there's no general rule, and it's difficult to
 measure the importance of launching a browser matching the current
 environment with respect to its popularity.

> > These changes were commited in galeon and epiphany's SVN, the changes
> > to sensible-browser and to firefox remain to be done.
> You mean, that they now register as an alternative for gnome-www-browser?

 epiphany-browser and galeon do, yes.

> > Of course, this could be followed for KDE too.
> It should not be difficult to get that done. I had somehow expected that 
> the bug report and any followups are forwarded to -devel to spark 
> discussion, so I'm explicitly forwarding it there.

 My response went through debian-devel when I Cc: the bug report, so
 I'm continuing this way.

> Not entirely, since it isn't limited to browsers or terminals. Many 
> users have personal preferences about things that are currently handled 
> through the alternatives system, and the sysadmin's choice (or 
> non-choice, as in the "bumping priorities" scenario) will affect them.

 Yes.  However, I consider that the system command sensible-browser is
 user-configurable (via $BROWSER) and the GNOME environment is
 user-configurable (via gconf settings), so for the browser choice front
 system-wide and in GNOME, I'm satisfied with the way of things.

> For example, everytime a GNOME or KDE application launches, a lot of 
> dotfiles will be created for me, so I'd like to avoid this as much as 
> possible as I will only have to clean up afterwards.

 Hmm, this sounds like a whole new class of problems.

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