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Re: when and why did python(-minimal) become essential?

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 01:04:25PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
>> Matt Zimmerman <mdz@ubuntu.com> writes:
>> >> Granted if it is a real issue, then why not use perl?   Yes, I hate
>> >> perl too, but really, the argument "hey, people like Python too"
>> >> implies that we should have a scheme interpreter, a perl, a python,
>> >> emacs lisp, and well, everything anyone might want.
>> >
>> > Ubuntu developers would like to be able to use Python.  So far there has
>> > been no demand whatsoever for LISP derivatives in this context.
>> Ok; Joe Wreschnig just said that "I would like to write scripts in X"
>> is certainly not a good enough reason to add X to Essential.  It
>> sounds as if you are in disagreement with him; have I understood
>> correctly.?
> I have said repeatedly that I am not expressing an opinion about what Debian
> does with regard to python-minimal.  The only reason I am participating in
> this thread is to answer questions about what we did in Ubuntu and why, and
> I think I've done that thoroughly now.

No, really, I'm trying to understand Ubuntu's reasoning here, and not
just the actions undertaken.  I understand the actions, but I don't
understand exactly what the reasons are, and it would help me.

The reasons you gave are different than what Joe Wreschnig said; he
spoke of Python being Ubuntu's official language and whatnot, though
what he meant is not that Ubuntu has replaced Perl with Python, but
that Python has been added in.  I can understand "We like Python more
than Perl, so we replaced Perl with Python", though that would be a
lot of work and it isn't what the actual reasoning was anyway.

It seems to be simply that one more official language has been added.
Personally, I can't stand either Python or Perl.  This gives me a
different perspective.  It's not about liking one or the other, but
about the need for Debian to congeal as a whole on a single choice,
lest we need to have every choice.

So I'm wondering, what are the restraints upon the same things at
Ubuntu?  Is it just a flat "we like Python and Perl and nothing else"
or is it "we add any language that there is demand for among Ubuntu
people" or what?


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