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Re: udev naming problems for eth*

md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) writes:

> On Jan 19, Davide Natalini <tindal@katamail.com> wrote:
>> udev now can rename the interfaces, because they haven't a name yet.
> udev still loads the modules, you just have been lucky.
> This is not a solution in any way.

Maybe network interface renaming doesn't belong in udev, as they're
really kernel assigned names.

I think this point has been raised before, ( but I couldn't find any
thread relating to it), but the right place to do that would be in the
ifupdown package, that could have the right logic to do so.

A (somewhat flawed) metaphor regarding this topic would be that IP
address configuration doesn't belong in udev either.

I've looked into the Suse sysconfig package, and it includes all the
network configuration utils, such as ifup and dhcp handling, and
they're coupled with the udev rules. As previously said those
interactions are tricky, in order to guarantee that there are no race

Merging that into Debian would mean that udev would replace some
ifupdown planned functionality.

Some bug numbers talking about this:




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