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Re: [ad-hominem construct deleted]

also sprach Matt Zimmerman <mdz@ubuntu.com> [2006.01.17.0039 +0100]:
> Ubuntu is a Debian derivative.  The work that Debian developers do is merged
> into Ubuntu as well.  Most of the source packages in Ubuntu are identical to
> the ones in Debian.  The statement that you quoted is an expression of
> gratitude and camaraderie.  I believe it was Mark who originally said it,
> but I agree with it.  I would also say that Debian's upstreams are, in the


> same sense, Debian developers.  This is part of what makes free software so

And yes, all of this makes sense. I guess the issue some DDs have
with this model is that they aren't treated as Upstream because
there's a lack of information exchange. Moreover, Ubuntu has moved
ahead in a few areas, and Debian followed, which makes it difficult
to think in simple upstream-downstream terms.

Note that I don't hold the opinion, and I appreciate what Ubuntu is
doing -- I am just trying to echo the picture as I see it.

I concur that Scott's patches are not very useful since they
have been clearly automatically generated and often include
autogenerated files (see libhid for instance), but all in all,
Ubuntu is a worthy addition to the distro field, and Debian has
profitted *a lot* already: gcc4, python2.4, zope, xorg, you name it.

> maintainer to notify them that their package is present in Ubuntu sounds
> like spam to me, and posting Ubuntu-related announcements to Debian mailing

... not anymore than the migrated-to-testing-mails we get all the

But anyway, we are not in need for more automated solutions. What
should happen is that DDs should be able to find out who's
responsible for their packages in Ubuntu, and the UD should treat
the DD as upstream, discussing with her/him and planning out
a strategy for changes. If a change is Ubuntu-specific, so be it. If
it isn't, work with the DD to have it integrated into Debian.

> The creation of Ubuntu was *very* widely publicized, as was the fact that it

... it's still not called "Debian for Humans" :)

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