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Re: [ad-hominem construct deleted]

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Andrew Suffield wrote:
> If you can't understand sarcasm, why didn't you read the part for
> people who can't understand sarcasm?

I read the part about sarcasm and i partially argee with you. But i'm
with Andreas here. Your post didn't help anyone, the original Ubuntu
post was important to quite a few people.

I can understand that a part of the people behind Debian feel hostile
against Ubuntu because it's succeeding in something that Debian was
trying to achieve. But what i can't understand is that people behind
Ubuntu are trying to reach out and build a bridge between the people in
Debian and some people are intentionally trying to burn them. They are
really investing time on the co-operation, they are creating tools to
help this. What are the Debian people doing, they are bitching about
Ubuntu people not putting their backs in to it.

I don't mean that there is no effort on Debian side either, but the
visible effort (mostly because stunts like this) is mostly on the
burning side.

It takes less effort to bitch and moan than to work together, maybe
that's the reason.

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