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Re: Does it sometimes happen that people send mails before NMU ?

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 09:41 +0100, Mike Hommey wrote:
> Yes, it's my fault i didn't tag the bug or sent any feedback, but I'm
> actually trying to find a better solution than removing the files, with
> upstream cooperation, considering that upstream adds new testcases quite
> often, and that any addition is likely to have the same problem.

Well, the problem is that the BTS is the only way to know about the
status of a bug. If there's no maintainer response to a RC bug, there's
no way to know whether the maintainer is working on it, is planning to
work on it very soon, or doesn't have the opportunity of working on it
anytime soon. Especially if the bug is lacking maintainer response for
many months, the chances of it being the latter are of course

You can't expect from NMU'ers to be able to guess what's going on.
They're making an effort to address as many of the most serious problems
we have, and there are a lot of those problems. Just attaching a small
note to the respective bug can clear up a lot of confusion.

Whenever I receive a RC-bug on a package of mine (or mostly, any bug), I
file a response as soon as possible with a quick first assessment. It's
then clear to both reporter and other interested developers what's going


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