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Re: A standard location to find 'vmlinux' to use for oprofile


> > > The remaining problem is that we don't really have a standard
> > > location for 'vmlinux'.
> > 
> >         How about /boot/vmlinux-$version ?
> This feels like the right answer to me.  It's consistent with
> the naming and using of the rest of the kernel's bits and pieces
> (/boot/config-$version and so on).

On thinking about it a bit more, however, it does also sound
reasonable to have it under /usr/lib/debug, along with other debug
symbols.  RedHat seems to have kernel-debuginfo package which places
the kernel in /usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/vmlinux, and
considering that many systems have a separate /boot with limited
partition size, it might be more ideal.

It is also possible to delete the whole /usr/lib/debug tree if it's
not needed.

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