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Emphasize teams, not packages

When somebody wants to become a DD he is told ?Go find a package to maintain, one that you can be the maintainer for.? I see serious problems with this approach as Debian increases in DD's. I will how this is in a second. What I think should be emphasized is ?Go find a package team and join it and contribute and show your stuff.?

I think Debian needs to emphasize teams packaging, not just individuals for many reasons.

First, as the announcement just came a few days ago some are ignoring their bugs for months. If a team was on the project that is less likely to happen.

Second, collaboration on ideas for individual packages, by those who are directly involved with the package, can occur making the future of the package better.

Third, Instead of always having the hard process of trying to get someone to adopt will go away for team members can take over.

Fourth, MIA's will not be as big a problem.

Fifth, more heads on a package are better than one

Sixth, those applying to be a DD will have worked along side a Developer who will better see ?how this one contributes and fixes bugs.?

Seventh, It will increase teamwork. :)

Now for my hypothetical situation:

Future A:

There are now 10,000 DD's and over 100,000 packages, most nobody uses, they are just there because they were needed by people who wanted to become DD's. Now that they are, those unused packages are ignored. A major upload occures and now there are 30,000 bugs on the BTS. Over 10,000 remain for months on these packages nobody cares about. The media speculates Debian will never again be stable, look at the bugs!!! Those who want to be DD's scramble for even more pointless packages, even more future bugs that will be ignored. People that do wan to fix some bugs won't know how and will apply for help from those who know nothing about their package and could care less. The bugs remain. This DD goes MIA in frustration.

Future B.

There are now 10,000 DD's and 40,000 packages in Debian. With that there are over 30,000 well established teams that collaborate on their package, with most DD's being a member of more than one team.. The 30,000 packages in Debian are the most requested in the Linux community. New packages are added as RFP's come in. Those who want to become DD's start by joining a team, especially being encouraged to join teams for existing packages where only 1-2 people are on that team. They start attacking bugs on those packages. A major Upload happens, and there are 10,000 RC bugs! Some team members are very busy that week but the other team members step in. Others are confused how to fix the bug, but collaboration with other team members comes to the rescue. Instead of taking several months to fix RC bugs it takes just over a month. People aw as Debian releases a new stable so quickly with more packages than any other disto by far. Team members have great ideas for the future of a package that couldn't have come to one man alone. A person now applys to become a DD with the backing of multiple members from multiple teams. Instead of Adoption lists and Orphaned packages we have lists of teams requesting more members.

Anyways I think you get the point,

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