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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

> Future A:
> There are now 10,000 DD's and over 100,000 packages, most nobody uses, they 
> are just there because they were needed by people who wanted to become DD's. 
>   Now that they are, those unused packages are ignored.  A major upload 
> occures and now there are 30,000 bugs on the BTS.  Over 10,000 remain for 
> months on these packages nobody cares about.  The media speculates Debian 
> will never again be stable, look at the bugs!!!  Those who want to be DD's 
> scramble for even more pointless packages, even more future bugs that will 
But why would you want to become a DD if you are not willing to maintain
a package. Debian is just about maintaining packages.
I agree there are other ways to contribute to Debian, but not much which
do not involve being responsible for a package.
I'm not a DD, and would like to become one to vote in some cases and to
help more effectively in some (rare) cases.
I already have a package which I maintain in the archive (and), mostly
because I needed it, and it was being orphaned (well, to tell the truth,
it was not maintained for a long time despite several important bugs),
so I contacted the maintainer and took it over.
But this is not my main contribution to Debian, I propose patches and
close bugs for many packages I personally use or need for customers, and
this is not recognized currently as sufficient for becoming a DD... and
I'm not the only one.

> be ignored.  People that do wan to fix some bugs won't know how and will 
> apply for help from those who know nothing about their package and could 
> care less.  The bugs remain.  This DD goes MIA in frustration.


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