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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

Frans Jessop wrote:
> Future [scenario:]
> There are now 10,000 DD's ...

I would assert that Debian as we know it cannot
have 10,000 DDs.  Why not?  For the same reason a
standing parliament cannot have 10,000 members, or an
industrial plant 10,000 workers.  Try as we might, we
humans cannot scale the way database records do.

Somewhere above 2,000 active DDs, one suspects that our
current concept of development community fundamentally
breaks down, in the same way that productivity breaks
down in an industrial plant somewhere above 2,000
workers.  Why?  I don't know.  Your theory is as good as
mine.  It's in the immutable aggregate human nature of
very large groups.

Thaddeus H. Black <thb@debian.org>

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