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Re: [ad-hominem construct deleted]

But Windows security advisories don't contain debian packages. Ubuntu does contain close to all debian packages, and (I hope) most DDs have an interest to include improvements of other distributions in their packages (at least I do).

Maemo (from the Nokia 770 fame) contains Debian packages. But d-d-a is no
place to talk about it.

I don't think many packages can profit from Maemo. But I do think that many packages can profit from Ubuntu improvements.

d-d-a is the list where information that concers to and MUST be known by all
DDs is sent. It might be of more or less relevance for some of us, but is
definitely not a place for "if you are interested" stuff.

True, but Andrew Suffield's approach is destructive and his "Windows security advisories .." argument is not appropriate. The constructive approach is to point out on d-d, not d-d-a that the message does not really fit in the description of d-d-a, and to propose an alternative way to publish that kind information.

The change of experimental, the h0x3r that we got in out machines, changes on
infrastructure... those are the things. Ah! and of course, the release of

I just wanted to point out that the "completly irrelevant" argument is not really true. And if you try it the way round, by finding an appropriate mailing-list to post such information, you will probably end up @lists.debian.org anyway. AFAIK there's nothing like a debian-ubuntu-collaboration-announce list.


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