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Re: For those who care about lesbians

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 01:44:06 +0100, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> said: 

> On Sunday 15 January 2006 00:47, Adam Heath wrote:
>> In fact, both of the last 2 emails to d-d-a go against the AUP.
>> Procedures should be started to punish the offenders.

> They are of a completely different order. One is an error of
> judgement and "merely" off-topic, the other is intentionally
> offensive and therefore unacceptable.

        I am not sure I follow. What was "intentionally offensive"
 about the second post? It did not seem pornographic to me. Both posts
 were off topic, and the second one much more so than the other -- but
 it was deliberately off topic. I don't get the bit about deliberately
 offensive and "Debian's reputation is damaged" posts.

 hoping he s not detecting homophobia, which is also offensive
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