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Re: Trivial bug on apt-file (Was : Re: Development standards for unstable)

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 07:31:17PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
> and this answers IMHO what the maintainer wants a patch for: a system
> that would work with all download managers.

Which is something it is not going to work.

> The current intent to NMU is proposing curl | wget which doesn't need
> any modification to the config file if curl is installed. Though you're
> right that you still need to change the config file when curl is not
> installed. This is IMHO however not a *severe* bug as some packages need
> configuration if you don't choose to use the default.

Some packages need a mocification, but this could be made so that it DOES NOT
need anything.

The maintainer could define a list of prefered downloaders ( 1. curl, 2.wget)
and define them in an array. Then start looking for them in the path. If
something is found, use it. Otherwise, complain.

Having wget installed and working, is really stupid that apt-file not only
does not use it by default, but 1. provides an irrelevant message, 2. forces
me to change a line in the config file, and then works out of the box.

Is my believe that in the standard case, you just want to apt-get install
apt-file and have it working.

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