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Re: Anthony Towns: What I did today

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

* Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de> [2006-01-13 20:34:20]:
...and no one can complain afterwards.

you underestimate your fellow nagg^Wdevelopers.

Well, there are always people who complain.  But posting development
related mails to debian-devel is the intended purpose of this list
and there is less reason to complain then it is if people do not at
least mark their postings [OT] when they are chatting about other
distributions on debian-devel.

So, if you ask me it would be better if messages like the one Anthony
blogged would be here in the first place and the blog would say: "I
just posted this or that to debian-devel ..." :)

Kind regards


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