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Re: Anthony Towns: What I did today

Hi AJ,

On Friday, 13 Jan 2006, you wrote:
> Things I did today:
> 2. Removed the empty SuperH architecture from the archive (binary-sh).
> Coincidence? You decide.
> URL: http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/blog/2006/01/13#2006-01-13-sh-irts

Nice you have done this, but Planet is definitely not the correct place
to document changes like this. I would find it more appropriate to
inform fellow DDs either via debian-devel@ or debian-project@. Not all
developers read planet.debian.org.

To get that clear, i don't want to criticize you removed unneeded SuperH
architecture from the archive, but where you document changes like this.


PS: CC'ed -devel to get fellow developers informed about your changes.

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