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Debian Games Team


We've been recently talking about creating a group to maintain games in Debian
in a collaborative way. As a starting point, I've created a mailing list in
alioth for coordination, and also for create discussion threads about the main
problems related to game development and games packages in Debian. You can
join that list at:


Here are some points that might be addressed by this group if there is
interested in it:

- Maintaining games collaboratively, as they tend to share many points in
- "Scale economy" benefits: maintaining more packages, quicker an with less
- Open a way towards a larger involvement in Debian project to people
maintaining just one or few games.
- Quick-fixing of security issues common to games.
- Discussion of problems and facts relative to game packaging.
- Discussion of how to DFGS might be interpreted regarding multimedia contents
and artwork in games.
- Identify important games that are not packaged yet and package them.
- Identify games that we were only maintainig out of inertia, and consider
dropping them
- Make it easier for users to know the games available in Debian, maybe with
some game selector interface, a web page, screenshots or whatever.

You're welcome to join the group, or say whatever you think about this


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