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Re: Debian Games Team

On 1/13/06, Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> wrote:
> Hi,


> We've been recently talking about creating a group to maintain games in Debian
> in a collaborative way. As a starting point, I've created a mailing list in
> alioth for coordination, and also for create discussion threads about the main
> problems related to game development and games packages in Debian. You can


> - Identify important games that are not packaged yet and package them.

oolite (Elite clone), cube

> - Make it easier for users to know the games available in Debian, maybe with
> some game selector interface, a web page, screenshots or whatever.

May I suggest a GamesInDebian page on the wiki as a starting point?

> You're welcome to join the group, or say whatever you think about this
> project.

I think this is a good idea :)
Can ome packaging can be done for non-free games? (I am thinking about
a wrapper over the pristine installers/data/ to make the games
installable through apt-get).

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