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Re: gconf transition

Le lundi 09 janvier 2006 à 15:45 +0100, Kurt Roeckx a écrit :
> Linking indirect dependency isn't a good thing, but not linking
> to them isn't magicly going to fix bugs like this.

How so? Please show me a case where the bug will still be here.

> You should _never_ exclude anything for the calculation of the
> dependencies, because it will result in such errors.  Even if you
> think some other dependency will (now) take care of this for you
> doesn't mean you shouldn't have a depends on it.

The gconf-sanity-check functionality is optional. As such, its
dependencies can go in the Recommends: field. The bug was that these
dependencies were missing indirect libraries the binary actually

> So gconf-sanity-check-2 (from the libgconf2-4 package) NEEDS
> libpangocairo-1.0.so.0 from the libpango1.0-0 package.  So
> libgconf2-4 should depend on libpango1.0-0.  And it doesn't.
> This is an RC bug in the libgconf2-4 package.  It's also missing
> all those other depends, specially the one on libgtk2.0-0.

Nothing linking with libgconf2-4 will stop working when these
dependencies aren't installed. Some optional functionality will, but it
is not part of the functionality almost all packages using gconf2
actually need.

> It seems to be: libgtk-x11-2, libgconf-2, libpopt, libgobject-2,
> libpthread, libglib-2 and libc.
> So make it only link to those libraries instead.  This shouldn't
> be that hard.

You haven't investigated how to do it, have you?

> And I think that using --as-needed as you did is the wrong way to
> go.  This should be a last resort option in case you really can't
> fix it some other way.

I don't believe --as-needed should be a last resort option. Is
dh_fixperms a last resort option when you cannot fix the build system to
install files with proper permissions? Even with a fixed build system,
you still use dh_fixperms, just to be sure. The same goes for

As for relibtoolizing, it is currently not possible to relibtoolize all
GNOME packages, because of a lack of manpower. If you want to see them
relibtoolized, you'd better get libtool upstream to accept the Debian
patches. Even with relibtoolized packages, the problem remains, because
of pkg-config. As GNOME headers have a spurious tendency to include
headers from most of their dependencies, it isn't possible to move them
to private dependencies.

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