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My New Years' resolution: fix one RC bug a day

Le Mardi 03 Janvier 2006 21:24, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> However, we need to start *now* to give the RC-bug count some more
> attention.  This means also that we're going to start again an everlasting
> BSP: For RC-bugs, you can upload 0-days NMUs for RC-bugs open for more
> than one week.  However, you are still required to notify the maintainer
> via BTS before uploading.  And of course, you need to take care of
> anything you broke by your NMU.

I've had an idea on a good way to decrease the RC-bug count without burning 
myself out: I've resolved to fix one RC bug a day at least until there are no 
more trivial RC bugs left.  I started Friday by NMU'ing libxklavier; over the 
weekend I worked on uploads for tcl8.* and tk8.* and then fortunately found 
the maintainer is working on fixing bugs for those packages.  For today, 
unless I hear something on bug #335137 within a couple hours, I'll do an NMU 
for libwmf; and for tomorrow, I just noticed there's an RC bug against kdeedu 
for me to fix myself.

I figure if I keep this up, I can take care of 30 RC bugs a month; and if just 
9 other people join me, that will make 300 RC bugs a month.
Daniel Schepler

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