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lintian problem [shared-lib-without-dependency-information]


I'm trying to make my first package... Everything goes fine except one thing. Lintian says:

W: libvrb0: shared-lib-without-dependency-information ./usr/lib/libvrb.so.0.4.0

I understand what this means, know how to fix it (by adding -lc to ld arguments). Unfortunately the upstream source uses some strange (non-auto{make,conf}) build system, meaning (among other things) that the arguments of ld are hard-coded into the configure script.

Solutions may be:
* modifying the configure script
* manually adding libc to 'Depends:' line
* overriding the warning

Which one sould I choose? Any other idea?

The upstream source is available from http://vrb.slashusr.org/

Thanks for your help,
Sze'kelyi Szabolcs

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