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Requesting NMU for toshutils


[Please do not reply to this email as my @yahoo.es account is a junk account
which I do not check.]

Bug #346896 was recently filed against toshutils.  I am not able to correct
this bug right now and would sincerely appreciate it if someone could NMU it
for me.

Due to a catastrophic hardware failure last month and now waiting for Internet
access to be installed at my new place, there is really no way I can fix this
in a reasonable time frame.

If you do NMU to fix this bug, please attach a diff of the debian/ directories
in the source package to this bug and also CC to roberto@familiasanchez.net.  I
will not get the email right away, but I will eventually, as Sean Finney has
graciously agreed to collect my emails for me until I get Internet access at
home (thanks Sean).


-Roberto Sanchez

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