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Re: Maintaining a debian package

Kevin Mark wrote:

> you may notice that  Debian has many programs to catalog thing. Some for
> cd/dvd's, some for books, etc. When you make an ITP you will need to
> make an argument as to why this packages should be added. Debian
> developers will want to know what differentiates your package from other
> similar ones in Debian already. This is not to say that you will be
> unable to add your package to debian, but on rare occasions it has been
> decided that some packages would not benefit being added.
Why did I start the project? I talked to a friend at the university and we
agreed that we've got too many books to keep them all in mind. So we wanted
to have a program to manage them. I searched the internet, especially
freshmeat and sourceforge for an adequate project fitting to our needs. I
didn't search for a long time, but in fact, I didn't find that, what I
wanted. I decided to write this program on my own. I wanted to create an
easy to use program which doesn't annoy users with the creation of
databases and long setup procedures.

> ps. If you want some beta tester for your work, you should include a URL
> so that folks like me can try your work, assuming you feel it is in a
> shape to be tested.
There's a website where I place the sourcecode and also the latest binary
version (including the ChangeLog and so on). You can get it here:
There are also some screenshots:
It might be, that one doesn't get the program to compile and work correctly.
This is due to some problems I have with autoconf and automake. I hope I
can fix this in the next time. By the way, the program is called wxbiblio
as you might have recognized when having a look on the URL. It is entirely
written in C and C++ and uses wxWidgets for the GUI. Xerces-c is also
needed, because I use it to read data from XML-files. It would be cool, if
somebody wanted to test it. Feel free to download, distribute and modify
it. You may also write me emails.


P.S.: I'm currently reading all the stuff about how to publish packages in
the debian directories. That's kind of complicated and seems to be a long
procedure. Nevertheless, I think it's required to keep the good quality of
debian packages. On the other hand, it discourages me a bit to become a
maintainer. Well, I'll go on reading and decide later :)

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