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Re: dependencies on makedev

This one time, at band camp, Josselin Mouette said:
> Le jeudi 29 décembre 2005 à 21:25 -0600, Adam Heath a écrit :
> > > You edit or add to the udev rules.  These are usually used to set
> > > policy for whole categories of devices, but you can of course fine
> > > tune it, or replace all the standard rules with your own.  The default
> > > gives you all the standard names, as with a static /dev.  (I
> > > personally switched it to the devfs-style rules.)
> > 
> > That's the wrong answer.
> > 
> > What ever happened to standard unix tools?  chmod/mkdir/chown/mv?
> Can you give us a way to change permissions of a device that can be
> plugged or unplugged?

Of course.  With a static /dev/, the node is always there to be operated
on whether or not there is hardware associated with the device node.
You can chmod it whether there is a device plugged in or not.

udev largely solves the problem of 'my /dev tree is ugly with all those
extra things in it'.  Until it also solves all of the problems it brings
with it, and provides an upgrade path better than 'upgrade the kernel
first', I have to remain unconvinced.
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