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Re: Debian for desktop - gnome in usnstable/experimantal more stable than in testing ?

Thanks for your answer, and information you provided.
At the begining I have to make a correction. My happiness last for a
day or two, after that  the problems with gnome, web-browsers, totem
came back (maybe after reboot ? I don't know yet..). I found some more
verbose error message from totem saying something about dbus and
network connection error. I experience similiar problems with pure
testing (fresh install, withoud mixing packages) and mixed
testing+unstable and experimental gnome. I didn't try pure unstable
release yet.

The "unstable" debian distribution name I think could be wrongly
interpreted. "..the first stage of public testing.." sounds a little
better, maybe it could be a good system for me ? Nobody want's to have
something unstable installed.
"Ubuntu" sounds good - there is no negative meaning, it could convince
people to use it although it contains almost the same software as
debian unstable, as you said.
But in fact, isn't it true that ubuntu success (1st place according to
distrowatch.com) is also success of debian ? But does debian
development proft from that ? Maybe it could do something similiar as
ubuntu - release system for desktop users with quite up-to-date
software allowing wider testing or take something back from testing
ubuntu results ?
These are just some ideas, I don't say these are recipes for success.
I think debian should notice ubuntu success and could infer to improve
it's development.
It could make conditions to get more pepole use it and like it (and
maybe even love it).

Best regards

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