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Here are lions

Hi all, happy new year and all that.

Just rolled my own 2.6.12 on a 700 MHz Pentium III, with everything I
need built-in, and very little that I don't.  Boot time from button
press to text console, via a grub default confirm, 72 secs :-)

So now that I'm up to speed, I'm trying to grok the
d-bus/udev/hald/gvm conspiracy, which is fantastic by the way.  Gnome
is damn close to achieving it's stated aim in recent months, namely;
"hardware that just works".

Anyhow, I just came across this file; /etc/udev/links.conf

  # This file does not exist. Please do not ask the debian maintainer about it.
  # You may use it to do strange and wonderful things, at your risk.

  L fd      /proc/self/fd
  L stdin   /proc/self/fd/0
  L stdout  /proc/self/fd/1
  L stderr  /proc/self/fd/2
  L core    /proc/kcore
  L sndstat /proc/asound/oss/sndstat

  D pts
  D shm

  M null        c   1 3
  M console c   5 1

  # Hic sunt leones.
  M ppp     c 108 0
  D loop
  M loop/0  b   7 0
  D net
  M net/tun c  10 200

Is this someone's idea of a joke, because it's very funny indeed :-)

I've no idea what it does, but I never thought the Latin we had to
learn at school would ever have a use.  How wrong I was!

On a more serious note, the aforementioned hardware conspiracy is
actually working a little _too_ well for me at the moment.  I have an
external firewire drive with several partitions on it, only one of
which I need on a daily basis.  As soon as I switch it on gvm mounts
all (five) partitions.  Is there any way I can prevent gvm from
mounting four of them?


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