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Re: ITK: debmake

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Adrian von Bidder wrote:

> On Friday 30 December 2005 03.18, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Santiago:
> > > As a realistic goal, I estimate that etch will be the last release
> > > containing debmake, but of course, I would be deligthed to see it
> > > happen sooner.
> >
> > It would be pretty lame if we couldn't do this in less than a year...
> I suggest release goal: no package in etch to be shipped using debmake, but 
> I also suggest still shipping a 'final' version of debmake with etch, 
> containing a big fat warning in its description that its an obsolete 
> package.  Reason: some people may have been doing private packages with 
> debmake (is this realistic? no idea. If not, forget this.), and this would 
> probably be the best communication channel to those users.  (Yes, we can't 
> force them to look at the updated package description...)

The reason I've not suggested a release goal is that you would not
believe how long it takes sometimes to remove a package from a
build-depends, even if that's everything you have to do
(see Bug#288797 for example).

We already have a lot of things to worry about in etch, and getting
rid of debmake is not a super-important item, so there is no hurry.
In fact, I would like to see debmake 3.8.2 in a stable release before
removing it, as it fixes Bug #270900 (which was not trivial to fix).
This is the final release I would like to see in archive.debian.org.

Filing wishlist bugs now is an option, provided there is a consensus
that 78 wishlist bugs aren't too many bugs :-)

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