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Re: ITK: debmake

On Friday 30 December 2005 03.18, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Santiago:
> > As a realistic goal, I estimate that etch will be the last release
> > containing debmake, but of course, I would be deligthed to see it
> > happen sooner.
> It would be pretty lame if we couldn't do this in less than a year...

I suggest release goal: no package in etch to be shipped using debmake, but 
I also suggest still shipping a 'final' version of debmake with etch, 
containing a big fat warning in its description that its an obsolete 
package.  Reason: some people may have been doing private packages with 
debmake (is this realistic? no idea. If not, forget this.), and this would 
probably be the best communication channel to those users.  (Yes, we can't 
force them to look at the updated package description...)

Alternatively: isn't there a list of removed packages in the release notes? 
(Same problem...)

-- vbi

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