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Re: Experiment: poll on "switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?"

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> But still, people have complained in this thread about a size increase
> of about 370 Kb (nvi vs vim-tiny + vim-common), moving towards vim +
> vim-common would mean an *additional* 340 Kb size increase. Is this
> still considered a fair increase by the installer/cd teams?

I don't know that adding that 340k to the installed size of base or the
corresponding 188k to the size of the debs would be too much[1], but the
gain of going from vim-tiny to vim(minus -runtim) seems more marginal to

see shy jo

[1] It's hard to say for sure since the i386 netinst CD is already too
    big for some installation methods and we haven't figured out if
    we're going to trim it back down, or drop it.

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