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Re: ITP: gifsicle -- Powerful tool for manipulating GIF images

Gürkan Sengün writes:

> * Package name    : gifsicle

#212193, if anyone is thinking this sounds vaguely familiar.

> * URL             : http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/

Which reads, in part:

  "As of July 2004, all of Unisys's LZW/GIF patents have expired, but IBM
  has a remaining patent. There may be reason to believe that Gifsicle
  avoids these issues[1]; I have no position on that. Gifsicle is not
  distributed with a patent license. You are responsible for obtaining a
  license, deciding not to obtain a license..."

  [1] http://www.danbbs.dk/~dino/whirlgif/disclaimer.html

Some commentary on this should certainly be included with your ITP. Even
if you believe we can now distribute this code, you should probably
discuss the matter on -legal first (I'm not going to make any claims
about it here).

P.S. Please use X-Debbugs-Cc:.

things change.

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