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ITP: gifsicle -- Powerful tool for manipulating GIF images

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : gifsicle
 Version         : 1.44
 Upstream Author : Eddie Kohler <kohler@icir.org>
* URL             : http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/
* License         : See below
 Description     : Powerful tool for manipulationg GIF images
 This is a powerful tool for manipulating GIF image files.
Extensive options let you control what exactly it does. It has good support for transparency and colormap manipulation, simple image transformations (cropping, flipping), and creating, deconstructing, and editing GIF animations,
 which it can also optimize for space.
 Homepage: http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/

   All source code is Copyright (C) 1997-2005 Eddie Kohler.

IF YOU PLAN TO USE GIFSICLE ONLY TO CREATE OR MODIFY GIF IMAGES, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE REST OF THIS SECTION. Anyone can use Gifsicle however they wish; the license applies only to those who plan to copy, distribute, or alter its code. If you use Gifsicle for an organizational or commercial Web
site, I would appreciate a link to the Gifsicle home page on any 'About
This Server' page, but it's not required.

This code, with the exception of the GIF compression code in gifwrite.c, is distributed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2, or, at your discretion, any later version. The GNU General Public License is available
via the Web at <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>

   The following alternative license may be used at your discretion.

   Permission is granted to copy, distribute, or alter gifsicle, whole
or in part, as long as source code copyright notices are kept intact, with
the following restrictions.

   1. Unisys Corp. holds a patent on the Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression
algorithm used by GIF images. When this first became an issue several years
ago, Unisys stated that programs available at no cost to the user, like
Gifsicle, could use LZW compression in the context of GIF images without
obtaining a license. If you plan to distribute GIF writing code in a
shareware or commercial product, you will need to worry about obtaining a license. (Many people believe that LZW decompression is not covered by the
Unisys patent, so GIF reading code is probably all right.)

2. Developers or distributors who plan to use Gifsicle code, whole or in part, in a product whose source code will not be made available to the end user -- more precisely, in a context which would violate the GPL -- MUST
contact the author and obtain permission before doing so.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i686
Kernel: GNU/kFreeBSD gnu 5.4-1-686 #0 Mon Dec 5 20:14:28 CET 2005 i686 i386 AMD Sempron(tm) 3000+ GNU/kFreeBSD

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