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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

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Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

>     Automated testing of program functionality
>     ==========================================
> Automatic testing needs to happen in various contexts:
>     * When the package has been built, but before it is uploaded.
>       This is similar to testing with lintian, linda, and piuparts.
>       The difference from build-time tests is that the tests are
>       run when the package is installed onto a system (possibly a
>       chroot or a virtual system).

For this task, you might find schroot(1) useful.  It's a means of
accessing chroot environments, but it supports LVM snapshots as one
method.  This is a very quick method to create and destroy a test
environment (on my system, 2 seconds to create and 5 to destroy).
This is quite a low overhead compared with the alternatives (untarring
a tarfile, or copying a filesystem, or running cdebootstrap), and the
low cleanup overhead is also advantageous.

I also hope to add support for Xen on top of LVM snapshots as well.
I'm just waiting for Xen to work on powerpc so I can actually use it.
If anyone is interested who would like this, please get in touch.

sbuild is also partially integrated with sbuild (the Debian package),
though I haven't added session handling for LVM snapshots yet.  Once
tests become standardised with a debian/rules target, it would be
fairly simple to add this to sbuild.

[schroot has received some minor criticism for being written in C
using GLib/GObject.  I have however spent the last week converting it
to C++, and I'm just finishing that up now.]


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