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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

ke, 2005-12-21 kello 10:28 +0000, Roger Leigh kirjoitti:
> For this task, you might find schroot(1) useful.  It's a means of
> accessing chroot environments, but it supports LVM snapshots as one
> method.

Does this require the user to set up LVM somehow before using schroot?

>   This is a very quick method to create and destroy a test
> environment (on my system, 2 seconds to create and 5 to destroy).

For me, unpacking a tar file takes about 4 seconds (from a cold cache,
machine had just been rebooted) and afterwards less than a second to
remove (but then it was all in the cache).

This is a small part of the whole process, which for piuparts can take
several minutes, if it tests upgrades from stable via testing to

Debian is a beast that speaks with many voices -- R.B.

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