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Re: /run vs /var/run (was: Please test new sysvinit)

On Dec 19, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> wrote:

> > Debian guarantees that it exists on debian systems.
> No, we don't.  We guarantee it exists on Sarge.  It may or may not exist in
> Etch and Sid in the future.
If we use it then it's reasonable to assume that we would not suddenly
remove it from a future release.

> > > 1. It exists only on Linux-based OS's
> > > 2. There is no gaurentee that it will continue to be there at all
> > > 3. There is no guareteee that it will remain a filesystem in the future 
> > > even if it is there.
> > > 4. There is no gaurentee that it exists at all.
> > These points apply to the proposed tmpfs-based /run as well.
> /run would have no other special function, so it is much more future-proof
> than using /dev/shm for stuff it was not created for.
You keep saying this, but fail to provide any arguments except


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