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Re: congratulations to our ftp-master team

Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.uts.edu.au> writes:

> I'd like to congratulate our ftp-master team on their ability to timely
> process packages progressing through the NEW queue.
> <http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html> [1]
> I think you are an excellent example of people who are too busy for Debian.
> I must say that I am particularly impressed that you've managed to
> frustrate our users for over 1 year with the package 'xvidcap'.

Guessing by the name alone I would say this is a patent issue like
mplayer and therefore a problem package that is not likely to get
resolved anytime soon.

But that is just a guess.

For non problem cases the NEW queue was never as fast as now so
congratulation of improving the NEW queue so much already. Giving your
past month performance I'm sure the few remaining issues can be
resolved in time as well. Ignoring anything 2 weeks or newer I count
only 7 packages. This is great.


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