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2005/12/12, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org>:
We don't want them to open multiple connections even to MULTIPLE servers...

That's odd though, because apt *does* open connections to multiple servers all the time. To fetch packages lists, or if a package is only available on one of the servers further down.

Secondly, the amount of data to be downloaded is independant of the time it takes, thus, in aggregate, whether apt parallelizes or not won't make any difference to the total bandwidth used, although it may shift more load to the ftp2 servers since they never get used in normal usage.

Finally, how much of these slowdowns reported by people are caused by the bandwidth delay product. In that case, two servers will definitly be able to use more than a single server by itself... I didn't think it common practice for large mirror to configure multi-megabyte windows...

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