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Re: Removing gtksee package

On Monday 12 December 2005 14.48, Nico Golde wrote:

> So what do you think should I request a removal or wait for
> an adopter?

Upstream dead, a few annoying bugs, replacements available in Debian.

I think quite a clear case.  Since it still works, I would not do the 
wrapper thing Goswin suggested: the people who are not affected by the bugs 
just go on using gqview, the ones who are annoyed will just look for 
another image viewer.

~$ apt-cache search image viewer | wc -l

(that list contains a few strange entries, but you'll still have 10 or more 
to chose.)

-- vbi

Do not use that foreign word "ideals".  We have that excellent native
word "lies".
		-- Henrik Ibsen, "The Wild Duck"

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