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Re: Packages-arch-specific (was: Sparc build failure analysis)

On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 08:52 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> So I followed the instructions at the top of that file and requested a
> P-a-s entry, after asking people here what to do.  No response.  Hm.  I
> wasn't sure what to make of that -- maybe this request is too trivial to
> bother with, it's fine for the builds to fail, and I should just ignore
> it?  Or maybe my e-mail wasn't received?  Or maybe I misunderstood
> something and this was the wrong channel or the wrong thing to do?
> other arches aren't).  Is this because of my mail?  Because the buildd
> administrator noticed the error message?

In my opinion what's needed here is a pseudo package in the BTS against
which bugs can be filed for changes to P-a-s, and the maintainer for
that package would be the collection of current P-a-s maintainers.

- ensure for developers that their mail is not lost;
- ensure for P-a-s maintainers that they don't forget about less
important items if they don't have time for it right away;
- allow the P-a-s maintainers to use (user)tags and severities to
classify the requests (wontfix and moreinfo spring to mind);
- allow for porters to add their (dis)approval of a request to the bug;
- allow for everyone, developers, porters and other interested parties
alike, to see what the status is of a particular request.

These reasons are very comparable with why we encourage bugs to be filed
against packages in the BTS instead of sending them to the maintainer
email address.


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